Getting Started with the Knowledge Base


This article provides basic information on how to use the host platform Atlassian Confluence, including information on:

For more information about how to use Confluence or if you have any issues, check out their support page:

How to Find an Article

The menu at the left can be used to browse to a topic or article of interest.

To find content for your immediate needs, you can use the search box at the top of the screen. If you need to specify additional parameters, use the advanced search function to filter results.

Saving and Printing Articles

Save as a PDF

  1. When viewing a page, open the page menu by clicking the “More Actions” icon that looks like 3 dots.

  2. Choose Export to PDF, then when Completion is “100% complete,” click Download PDF and following the prompts on the screen to save or open the document.


Print pages from the Navigator using your browsers Print functions.



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