Final Quality Review Checklist

The list below is designed for faculty doing a self-QA for their course. You may also use the following link to create a copy version of the document: Final QA Checklist

Final Quality Review Checklist

  • Finalize the syllabus and link it in the Syllabus area

  • If a course schedule is provided for students, make sure assignments are listed with the correct due day

  • The submission directions are accurate so that students will be able to successfully navigate/submit the assignment/discussion/quiz

  • Check that the correct answer is selected on all quiz questions

  • Rubrics are attached to the corresponding assignments/activities

  • All student-facing content is published

  • All settings ensure students will be able to complete activities successfully

    • Examples: allow multiple attempts on a quiz, allow students to upload a document to an assignment

  • The total points in Grades match what’s in the syllabus

    • How to: Grades → Test Student → Student Grades → uncheck “Calculate based only on submitted assignments”

  • Glance through each page/activity. Add headers or horizontal lines to help visually organize the content, as needed

  • A welcome announcement is in the course

  • The module titles and page/assignment titles accurately reflect the content being presented to students

Best Practices

  • Transcripts/captions are available for videos in the course

  • Run a spell check on all course content to check for typos


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