Create Panopto Videos

The information on this page provides advice and best practices for creating Panopto videos for use in online learning.


With Panopto it’s easy to record yourself and your slides side-by-side with just your laptop and its built-in webcam and microphone. Think strategically about how your slides will visually engage your audience and support your talking points, without duplicating what you plan to say. Prep your slides and structure your presentation appropriately. The secret to delivering a perfect presentation: record yourself practicing.

Check out our on tips to make yourself look and sound better in recordings.

Step 1 - Create Course Folder(s)

Before you begin see to set up folders in advance that will help you stay organized and make life much easier going forward.

Step 2 - Navigate To The Course Folder

Before you hit record you’ll want to be sure you are in the appropriate course folder.

Step 3 - Click Create

Click the blue Create button in upper-left and select Panopto Capture

Image of Panopto ART 100 folder and Create button at the top, left highlighted.
Dialog box shows multiple options with the option labeled Panopto Capture selected.


Step 4 - Adjust Settings

a. Click the gear icon in the lower-right

b. Select the following settings

  • Recording options → Ultra HD

  • Stream output → Capture streams separately

  • Video layout → Picture in picture

  • Background → Off

  • Smart Camera → Off

Step 5 - Select Your Audio and Video Sources

Panopto will automatically detect any connected audio and video feeds, whether you’re using your computer’s built-in devices or an external webcam or microphone that you’ve plugged into your USB ports. Simply toggle the automatically detected audio and video sources to choose the media inputs you want to capture. Be sure to test the audio and video quality before you deliver your full presentation.

Step 6 - Open Your Presentation and Capture the Screen

Open your presentation and put it in “Slide Show” mode. You can record your slides by recording your screen. Click the screen capture icon in the upper-right and make your selection from the dialog window that appears in your browser.

You’ll notice that you can add multiple video sources and capture multiple screens, which means you have a lot of flexibility to record more than just you and your slides. You can share your screen to show a live walk-through or demonstration along with your slides on another screen, and you can even capture multiple video feeds at the same time. Panopto syncs all of your media in the cloud so you can capture every element of your presentation, no matter the complexity.

Step 7 - Press Record And Start Presenting

After selecting your media inputs, you’re ready to press record and start presenting.  

Step 8 - Title Your Recording

Now that you’ve finished your recording:

  1. Title it (e.g. What Is A Hypothesis Test?)

  2. Choose your course folder to store it in (e.g. BIOL 101)

  3. Add a description (optional)

Done! You can always manage your videos later if you need to change anything. To learn more see other articles or refer to Boise State Helpdesk for troubleshooting issues.



Watch A Boise State Keynote Presentation Recorded With Panopto


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