Changing Linked Content

This article provides tips for locating and revising files that are linked in your course.

Managing Linked Content

Content such as websites or other third-party platforms may be swapped out using the tools available in the Canvas Rich Content Editor.

Google Workspace documents, Panopto, or YouTube videos may be revised directly with minimal to no adjustments in Canvas.

The steps you will take to manage linked content are fairly straightforward. Because changes in linked Google Workspace documents, Panopto, or YouTube videos occur in real-time, it’s worth reminding:

Implement changes before instructors make copies of the course template for the next session.


To update linked Google Workspace content:

  1. Go to the Course-Specific Folder on the Program Shared Drive

    • Locate the document in need of a change

    • Open the document (If you do not have permission to edit, send a request to the document owner.)

  2. Make the desired change

To update Panopto or YouTube content, access your accounts, locate the content, then edit and publish your changes.


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