Course Banners

Course Banners are a great way to make your course look even more professional and eye-catching for your students, but one thing to keep in mind is Boise State’s branding, copyright, and accessibility guidelines. The following are tips recommended by Boise State’s eCampus Center to make your course banners look as good as possible while maintaining cohesion among other Boise State courses.

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Best Practices

Avoid using course abbreviations and numbers (e.g. PHSM 510) in banners as these tend to change frequently and are less than ideal for cross-listed courses. The eCampus Multimedia Team creates banners using the following specs:

Size: 1200 x 184 px

Font: Gotham

Format: .svg

Example Course Banner

Current College / Program Banner Designs

eCampus Center works with colleges and programs to develop unified banner designs. The following are course banner designs currently used in courses:


Banners being added soon


New Program / Banner Design Change

eCampus Center works with Colleges and Programs to develop unified banner designs across courses while allowing individual courses to be distinct from one another while providing a cohesive look from one class to another. View Current College / Program Banner Designs to see if your College or Program currently has a banner template.

Should a college or program be interested in updating their course banner design, the following steps need to occur (typically a 7-week process):

  1. A formal request with eCampus is made and a task is created in Quickbase

  2. Initial consultation meeting or email to decide design parameters

  3. Multimedia Team creates draft(s) and emails back for review

    1. Online meetings can be created to discuss if needed

  4. Final design changes are implemented

    1. all program banners are updated for the following semesters

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