eCampus Center Blueprint and Schedule of Deliverables

Instructions for utilizing the CC-licensed project management tools developed by Boise State’s eCampus Center for course design and development projects.


eCampus Center has developed several tools to manage our 14-week course development cycle with a faculty developer and an instructional design consultant.

 There are often other team members involved in the process, so these shared Google documents allow us to have a place of clear communication and track progress. These documents have been made available using a CC BY-NC-SA license.

How to use the Blueprint

The blueprint provides a single, shared location to outline your objectives, plan your activities, collect your materials, write specific directions for students, and collaborate on the course design. It is broken into three phases:

  • Design Content

  • High-Level Course Design

  • Course Module Layout

There are some example structures and guidelines that can help lay out a course cleanly in Canvas. The items in red text are Canvas notes to help make sure the course is built using proper structure. Most items in the layout are suggestions, however, some elements are program-wide specifications that have been established to maintain consistency across all courses. Our Knowledge Base articles on the Course Design Basics can help you walk through many of the design content steps of the blueprint.

How to Use the Schedule of Deliverables

The Schedule of Deliverables is a project management document to help organize the agenda topics and deliverables for each week. It is broken down into 14 weeks and sectioned into three phases:

  • Design

  • High-Level Course Design

  • Course Development 

Following the deliverable scheduled within this document is intended to produce a completed course by the end of the 14-week cycle. There are several resources linked at the appropriate meeting topic points throughout the document. The due date column is for the faculty’s end-of-week deliverables.

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