Creating Videos (Panopto, Zoom, Camtasia)

This article provides links and supporting instructions for creating videos with Panopto, Zoom, and Camtasia with links to added support documentation.

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Panopto is Boise State’s recommended method for creating, storing, and sharing videos. Features of Panopto include video analytics, auto-captioning, dynamic links, and highly searchable content. If a word or phrase is spoken in a video, search results will provide all videos and times where that word or phrase is mentioned.

Check out on how to get started.

Using Zoom to Record Video

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Zoom is another option for recording a screencast, meeting, or live lecture that can automatically store videos into your Panopto account in a folder called Meeting Recordings. Although an entire meeting can be recorded, we recommend recording only the needed parts of your meeting, as there are limitations on how many videos you can store. 

Step 1: Download and install Zoom

Step 2: With your Zoom meeting running, either with just yourself or with participants, click Record to start recording.

Step 3: Choosing "Record to the Cloud" is the preferred method as uploading large video files is time-consuming and requires a lot of bandwidth. There will be an audio announcement to any participants in the meeting that "This meeting is being recorded."

Step 4: When done recording, click "Stop" to stop recording

Choose "Yes" to confirm. There will be an audio announcement in the meeting that "The recording has stopped" and you will receive an email when the video is ready to view and share.

Step 5: Once you receive an email, use the bottom link to quickly share your video with others. You may click the link to trim off any unwanted video for viewers

To trim off the beginning or end of the video, click the scissors icon in the bottom right of the video player

Move left and right track heads to adjust the video range you want and click Save.
Note: The original video is not affected by this, only the shared link video

 Advanced Sharing Option: Click the upper link in email for advanced sharing options

Click the "Share" button next to a recording to see advanced options for sharing

Select sharing options as needed:

  • Share the recording publicly or privately

  • Enable or disable the option for students to download a copy

  • Copy the link to share with your students so they can stream the recording. You'll find the link in the Recording Link Information box.

Using Camtasia

Camtasia is an option if you are looking for a free solution for editing your own videos. Final videos should still be stored in Boise State’s Panopto for privacy and accessibility purposes.



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