Google Forms: Copying, Linking, and Sharing in the LMS

This article includes instructions for instructors to copy, share, and link Google Forms in a course created with eCampus Center development services. These instructions are provided as an example and may not fit every scenario. Feel free to use them as a guide for your own needs.


Instructors may be provided with a master copy of the Google Form that students will submit for an assignment. Make a copy of the master form and link the new form in the course before sharing it with students. It is necessary to create a new copy of the master form each semester to maintain the integrity of the form and the privacy of student information.

Step 1. Make a Copy of the Form

  1. Navigate to the item in the course with the form link.

  2. In many cases, the form may automatically prompt you to make a copy before opening.

    1. If it opens without a prompt, skip to #3 below.

    2. If prompted, click Make a copy. The copy will be made and saved in your Google Drive space with the name “copy of [original document name].”

    3. Rename the form by clicking on the title at the top left of the window, then editing the title. Press Enter when done editing the title.

    4. If you want to relocate the form to a new folder in your Google Drive, click File, then Move and select the folder location.

    5. Skip to #4 below.

  3. If you were not prompted to copy the form,

    1. Open the menu at the top, right (3 vertical dots), and click Make a copy.

    2. In the “Name” box, enter a new name for the form (Example: Fa2021 - Form Name).

    3. Select a new folder in the second box, then click OK. The new copy of the form will open automatically.

  4. In the new copy of the form, click the Send button, then the link icon next to “Send via.”

Step 2. Update Sharing

  1. Open the new copy of the Google form.

  2. In the top right, click Settings (it's a gear icon).

  3. Click General.

  4. Uncheck the box next to "Restrict to users in [] ."

  5. Click Save.

This will give all students access to the Google Form you have created and their responses will be automatically collected. They can be opened and viewed in a Google Sheet within the form.

If you need a new form, see Creating a New Google Form.

Quality Assurance Step

Google Form results are accessible to all parties with Edit access to the form in your Google Drive. To hide your Google Form results from these parties, return to where you saved your copy in your Google Drive. Right-click on the form and click Share. Modify these settings to your preference.

Step 3 - Update the LMS

  • To replace the link in your course, perform the following:

    • Open the item where the form is linked, then click Edit.

    • Place your cursor on the link, then click the Link Options button that appears above the link. This opens a temporary dialog box on the right side of your window.

    • In the “Link” box, paste the URL for the new form, then click Done.

    • Click Save to save the changes to the course.


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