How Do I Assess Students Online?


These tips and resources will provide a variety of ideas for preparing to assess online learning. They include alternatives to traditional assessment and academic integrity strategies. This content and more can be found elsewhere in the knowledge base; use the menu to the left to browse for more content or search by keyword at the top of the window.


  1. Begin with How to Assess Online Learning for ideas about alternatives to tests

    • A review of four assessment options with suggested formats for assessing each type

    • Examples of assessments for a variety of formats from video recordings to portfolios and The UnEssay

  2. Revisit How to Create Transparent Assignments

  3. Consider your Academic Integrity Strategy

  4. Use Alternatives to tests

    1. Alternatives to Traditional Exams and Papers

    2. Give students choice, where appropriate

    3. Move students up in Bloom’s Taxonomy, where possible, to focus on demonstrating critical thinking skills

    4. Try something different

Instead of this

Do this

Mid-term exam

Short quizzes with each module drawing random questions from large test pools

Final exam

Final project demonstrating course learning objectives

Proctored test

Open-book test with random questions to be completed in 45 minutes

End-of-course research paper

Research paper completed in stages with assignments relating to topic selection, library research and citation skills, annotated bibliography, draft of sections with peer evaluation, video presentation highlighting results and lessons learned, final submission

Additional Resources

Alternatives to Tests

Test and Quiz Tools

  • Adobe Scan mobile app is free and on Android and iOS; this was mentioned as a tool to get a PDF of worksheets used during an exam to demonstrate work.

  • FasterScan is an iPhone/iPad app that is a faster way to scan documents (even if they are curled), with your iPhone. It produces a sharp image using image enhancement technology. You instantly scan multi-pages document and send out when there is no scanner nearby. 

  • Adding a Quiz to a Video: This article guides you through the steps of adding a quiz in your own video session. 

  • Import a Test, Survey, or Pool: This page describes how to import a test, survey, or pool.


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